Revamp Project: The Scandi Chandeliers

From the Blog archive: 2016

About ten years ago, not long after we settled into our rustic old farmhouse near Berry, I came across a mismatched (but similar) pair of mid-century Danish chandeliers. They were refined and simple yet a little bit glam in an understated Scandi way. This was well before Scandi had come back into vogue but I must have had an inkling.... Well, they have been gathering dust and cobwebs in our roof for all this time and I just retrieved them this morning.

These chandeliers have been up in the attic this past decade, through numerous renovations - our city house, ten beach houses, a town cottage and a former art deco furniture emporium. Through all these other renos I had resisted the temptation to liberate them as they were promised for a particular spot - the farmhouse entry hall.

I think it was my husband who first spotted them in an Alladin's cave of vintage lighting in Sydney's Drummoyne. I knew they'd be perfect for my farmhouse hallway, a wide and long affair in oversized proportions which had been hastily renovated by previous owners. The faux marble tiles, gyprocked walls and brass light fittings from the local chain lighting store fell well short of the charm of the tongue and groove wall boarding and pressed tin ceilings originally installed by the Scottish gold miner in the late 1800's.

The renovation of the heritage-listed farmhouse is a long game. We lived with its patched ceiling (where the builder's son punched his size 11 hoof through) for a decade. My now almost lovely farmhouse hallway is now within striking distance of making a decent entrance. The cobwebs and rust have been cleaned off and I the electrician has re-wired them. here is the finished product - what do you think?

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